Million Air host themed party


Company throws a themed party at the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers convention

Million Air hosted an aviation-themed party on 15 January 15
2012, at the San Diego Air and Space
Museum for the attendees
of NBAA’s Schedulers and Dispatchers convention. Million Air partnered with the
USO San Diego to give every attendee the opportunity to make donations to
support the upcoming Marine Corps Trials for the Warrior Games at Camp Pendleton
next month.

“We love throwing a party every year for the Schedulers
& Dispatchers. It’s a way for Million Air to say thank you for working with
us and to have fun” said Roger Woolsey, chief executive of Million Air. “We
also felt that it was important to give the aviation community the opportunity
to honor our wounded military by supporting the USO San Diego in gathering
donations for the Warrior Games. Million Air believes very strongly in serving
those who serve us.”

The Million Air USO Blitz Party was a WWII themed party that
had over 850 guests attend. Guests were able to enjoy the Air and Space Museum,
flight simulators, music and drinks.

“We were given a unique opportunity this evening by Million
Air,” said John Dooley, president of USO San Diego. “We are so appreciative to
capture the attention of those who attended tonight because this group of
people not only respect the services that the USO provides our military service
members, but they also are the people who have the ability to have a great
impact on encouraging their counterparts to contribute to USO San Diego.”