Milestone for Corporate Aviation Safety Executive


The Corporate Aviation Safety Executive now has some 40 aviation companies both from the UK and abroad.

The Corporate Aviation Safety Executive now has some 40 aviation companies both from the UK and abroad.

This growing group provides a platform for business aviation operators to “share best practice and harmonise standard operating procedures” in the safety arena.

“Groundbreaking” Air Safety Central social media tool from Vistair is helping to drive membership and increase safety data sharing.

“As anyone who has worked in corporate aviation will know it is a highly competitive area,” said Malcolm Rusby, founder of CASE and head of safety at TAG Aviation.

Rusby continued “The Corporate Aviation Safety Executive provides a platform for aviation companies to put aside commercial or political considerations and come together to collaborate towards a common aim: a safer business aviation sector.”

The group was formed four years ago and is open to any corporate aviation operators – from one-man providers up to airlines with 50 or more aircraft – interested in sharing information and best practice in the flight safety arena with an emphasis on monitoring and benchmarking.

“I’ve worked in aviation safety for many years and was always frustrated at the way aviation companies clung onto vital performance data rather than share it to drive up safety standards, even if there was no commercial sensitivity at stake,” said Malcolm Rusby.

Although composed of mainly UK-based operators CASE is increasingly looking to branch out to mainland Europe to invite them to its quarterly meetings and other activities.

“We have a very broad range of people who are part of the CASE community, contributing to our aim of improving data sharing and harmonising standard operating procedures,” continued Malcolm Rusby, “in addition we are supported by a number of business partners who share our values and are helping us grow our membership.”

One of those business partners is Vistair, the leading provider of innovative safety and management software solutions to the global aviation industry.

In partnership with CASE Vistair has developed Air Safety Central, a powerful safety culture tool combining social media principals with its own market-leading SafetyNet system.

Described as “groundbreaking” by many in the corporate aviation sector Air Safety Central is a free-to-use, web-based social network that allows airline safety managers to post completed but anonymous safety investigations to its flying community.

“Through Air Safety Central crew can review data, comment on aspects of any incident and share best practice through the social network with minimal training requirements,” said Malcolm Rusby. “It’s groundbreaking stuff and as far as I’m aware it is unique in this sector.”

Ian Herbert, founder and CEO of Vistair, said: “We’ve supported CASE since its formation and were delighted to be able to help out when we were approached by Malcolm with the concept for Air Safety Central.”

“Recent years have seen more and more airlines break out of the traditional mould where various parts of the business remain entrenched in their own little silos, and anything more that can be done to encourage the sharing of data has to be good for improvements in airlines’ overall flight safety procedures,” Herbert concluded.