Middle East remains strong market for Gulfstream


Larry Flynn says that business jets are seen as essential business tools in the region

Gulfstream president Larry Flynn said that
the Middle East market for Gulfstream jets
continues to expand and that increasingly these aircraft are being used as
essential transportation to pursue investments and business interests around
the world.

“Gulfstream has had a strong presence
in this market since the GII days – more than 40 years,” Flynn said.
“The difference today is that more and more businesses are viewing
business jets as essential to their widening interests. The long-range
capabilities of our aircraft easily allow businesses to reach markets in Asia, Europe and beyond.”

He continued “This is part of a
worldwide trend. As investors and businesses look around the globe for
opportunities, the need for long-range, rapid transportation increases.
Gulfstream is the industry leader in meeting that demand.”

Flynn pointed to Gulfstream’s market share
in the large-cabin segment within the Middle East.
The company’s share exceeds 40 percent, making it the largest provider of
large-cabin, long-range jets in the region.

“We have a strong brand that is built
on technology, performance and product support,” said Flynn. “Because
we firmly believe in the value of product support, we’re continuously investing
in our own service organization and working closely with our sister company,
Jet Aviation, to provide the best service around the world.”

Gulfstream sales are now predominantly
international, with about 70 percent of recent orders outside the United States,
Flynn noted. The Middle East remains a strong market, particularly the United Arab Emirates and Arabian
Peninsula, he said.

“In a time of political and market
change, businesses in the Middle East are
investing strategically and for the long-term, and these investments span the
world,” Flynn said. “We see this as positive for business aviation in
general, and Gulfstream in particular.”

Gulfstream is seeing strong aircraft utilisation
worldwide, with fleet hours now back to their 2008 peak. The company has a
growing backlog of orders, which stands at $18.6 billion and includes orders
for more than 200 Gulfstream G650 aircraft, one of two new products about to
enter the market. The G650 will enter service in the second quarter of 2012 and
the large-cabin, mid-range G280 will also enter service in 2012.

“The G650 creates a market segment all
its own, with 7,000 nautical-mile range, the largest purpose-built business jet
cabin and the highest cruise speed of any civil aircraft,” said Flynn.
“The G280 sets the standard in the super-midsize class. Performance has
significantly exceeded our original projections. These two aircraft keep us at
the forefront of the industry, even as we continuously invest in new technology
and expand our operations.”

Gulfstream is on track for green deliveries
of 80 large-cabin models and 15-20 mid-cabin models in 2011. In addition, the
company plans to make green deliveries this year of 10 to 12 G650 aircraft.