Metrojet’s Philippines MRO station welcomes 5th aircraft


Activity is picking up at Metrojet Engineering Clark (MEC), the Philippines-based MRO station has just parked the fifth aircraft in its new facility.

The MEC facility began operations in May 2021, but the Philippine government did not ease hotel quarantine measure for travellers until earlier this year. MEC is the Philippines base of Hong Kong-based Metrojet Limited.

Mr Sarith Vaikuntan, general manager, MEC said: “Our MEC team of professionals was grateful to have a busy working environment under the arduous pandemic times. Under the present quarantine-free entry to the Philippines for fully vaccinated foreign nationals, we believe that flying activities will resume, and more private jet users will come and experience our excellent parking and maintenance services at very competitive pricing.”

The 7,100sqm hangar has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 long-range business jets including Boeings and ACJs. The facility has also obtained several authority approvals including: the US, Philippines, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man and San Marino to serve aircraft with different registrations in the region.