Meridian Air Charter fits Aviator 200 broadband to Gulfstream IV


The 16 seat Gulfstream IV aircraft, part of Meridian’s charter fleet is now fiited with a Thrane & Thrane Aviator 200 broadband.

Gulfstream GIVMeridian,
based at Teterboro Airport, announced that its charter group has
deployed Aviator 200 aboard its 16-passenger Gulfstream IV, the
largest-capacity business jet in the Meridian

The new system has been
retro-fitted onto the aircraft and is currently available for charter.

Aviator 200 has a
wide range of embedded features which allows passengers to access the Internet
while in-flight and make calls using Voice over IP (VoIP) applications via
Wi-Fi enabled devices, including Android phones and tablets, iPhone®, iPad®,
Blackberry®, and laptops.

Andrew Ladouceur,
vice president of sales & client services at Meridian Air Charter said,
“The addition of broadband aboard our largest aircraft is a valuable service
that we can now offer our charter customers. 
Keeping our fleet current with the latest voice and data technology is
critical in today’s competitive market.”