Mente Group adds spend management platform MySky Budget


Mente Group is incorporating MySky’s spend management platform, MySky Budget, to give a detailed picture of the total annual running costs of any aircraft type buyers may be considering. The addition means Mente Group becomes the first consulting firm to merge MySky Budget into its services.

The platform also includes MySky Quote, which generates estimates for each leg of an aircraft mission.

Vince Restivo, chief operations officer at Mente Group, added: “As a leader in private aviation, we are constantly looking for ways to deliver value to our clients. MySky’s cutting-edge AI technology enables us to incorporate real-time localised financial data into our comprehensive fleet plan and feasibility studies.”

Chris Marich, co-founder and global strategy director, MySky, believes for too long there has been a knowledge gap for private jet owners about the real cost of aircraft ownership that goes beyond asset acquisition.

According to Marich, MySky Budget replaces outdated and legacy databases to give owners accurate financial insight, as well as allowing them to analyse costs between any aircraft type —new or pre-owned.

“We recognise that both companies have access to valuable aviation data and we look forward to partnering with Mente Group to provide our clients with additional aircraft asset management tools,” he said.

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