MedFlight One joins Jet Logistics medical transport program


MedFlight One

Medflight One has joined Jet Logistics Air EMS program for development, management and flight operations of emergent and non-emergent air medical transport services.

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W. Ashley Smith Jr, group founder and president of Jet Logistics Group said: “We look forward to working with Medflight One to elevate and grow their air medical business. They join a growing list of leading hospital, commercial and government-based air medical programs who choose Jet Logistics’ Air EMS™ program because of our proven capabilities to successfully deploy and operate fixed-wing air medical transport programs at a higher level.”

Dave Hedequist, Medflight One president said: “MedFlight One reviewed many types of options in the marketplace before determining that Jet Logistics represented the ideal air carrier partner in terms of their accreditations, expertise and vision. Our expectation is to utilize those resources to support MedFlight One in further expanding its footprint in the domestic and international air ambulance industry for superior patient care.”

Medflight One uses a variety of air ambulance assets, including their own Learjet 36 air ambulance aircraft that is capable of non-stop service throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as international operations.

Eric Giangiordano, manager of business development at Jet Logistics said: “We’ve maintained a dialogue with Medflight One for some time, and as the goals for the scope, accreditations and operational needs of their air medical program evolved, we felt those initiatives matched well with Jet Logistics’ diverse capabilities, and are pleased MedFlight One agrees.”