McCauley Propeller launches Beechcraft King Air B300 series aftermarket solution


McCauley propeller

Oshkosh, Wis. – 28 July 2021 – Soon owners and operators of the Beechcraft King Air B300 series will have the option of equipping their aircraft with a McCauley Blackmac Series 105-inch diameter propeller with four aluminum swept blades. With this new propeller, King Air B300 operators can experience several benefits, including additional payload, greater time between overhauls and the benefits of Textron Aviation’s limited propeller warranty. Certification is expected in the first half of 2022 with deliveries to follow.

“We are pleased to provide Beechcraft King Air customers a new McCauley propeller that comes with the craftsmanship, repairability and durability expected from our products,” said John Dandurand, general manager, McCauley. “This propeller is a continuation of our commitment to excellence, offering customers a technically sophisticated propeller system.”

A Beechcraft King Air B300 equipped with the McCauley Blackmac Series propeller provides owners and operators with:

  • A nearly 40-pound weight savings per aircraft
  • The field repairability of an aluminum propeller
  • Extended time between overhaul (TBO) of 5,000 hours or 72 months
  • The benefits of Textron Aviation’s 4000 hours or 36-month limited propeller warranty

The propeller with four aluminum swept blades is featured as part of McCauley’s display at the EAA AirVenture.