Luxaviation Group to offer SAF at Paris Le Bourget FBO


Luxaviation Group announced that it will begin to provide sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) options at its Paris Le Bourget fixed base operator (FBO) facility.

The FBO will supply a maximum blend of up to 35% SAF with Jet A1 fuel, certified to meet the highest standards. The SAF provided is derived from used cooking oil, a renewable feedstock which is refined through the Hydrotreated Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA) process.

“As the industry aligns with global environmental goals and the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change, sustainability stands as a cornerstone of Luxaviation Group, paving the way for a more sustainable future in aviation. We strive to set new standards and inspire others to join us in embracing innovation to enhance corporate social responsibility,” said Patrick Hansen, CEO, Luxaviation Group.

The announcement follows the FBO’s recent transition to fully electric ground handling equipment (GHE) in an effort towards sustainable aviation.

The FBO is managed under the ExecuJet brand.

In terms of carbon savings, the FBO operator said that flying from ExecuJet Paris Le Bourget FBO to ExecuJet Johannesburg FBO on a Global 7500 utilising a 35% blend of SAF/Jet A1fuel, customers can reduce their CO2 emissions by approximately 20 tons.

Luxaviation Group already offers its customers the ability to use SAF on flights to cut their flight’s carbon emissions via the Luxaviation App.