Luxaviation debuts vintage cabin crew uniforms


Luxaviation new cabin crew uniform

The Luxaviation Group has revealed new cabin crew uniforms that draw inspiration from the golden era of air travel enjoyed in the 1950s. The uniforms, designed by Jana App-Sandering, Luxaviation’s Group client service manager, have been inspired by Dior’s iconic ‘New Look’ hourglass silhouette, with a vintage-look reminiscent of a time when air travel was synonymous with glamour and luxury.

App-Sandering said: “With the ever-changing fashion scene, I began the design process with a vision of an upscale private jet experience and how this could be translated to the overall look of the uniforms. The peplum suit blazer, the white gloves and the bespoke headpiece are the staple items, creating the distinct look of the early 1950s and connecting our clients to the glamorous age of air travel.

“Having been in the private jet industry for almost 18 years, I understand the crucial balance required between sophisticated style and comfort. Grey high heels, the unique headpiece and the white service gloves add to the elegance of the uniforms during customer welcomes and goodbyes.

“The high heels will be replaced by flat ballet shoes during cabin service. The fabric of the uniforms is durable and comfortable to withstand long working hours in the air, so our cabin crew can focus on what matters – providing our clients with outstanding customer service,” added App-Sandering.

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These new uniforms are a step towards a common look across the Luxaviation Group and will be rolled out across its fleet globally. The new pilot uniforms will be introduced later this summer.