Luxaviation Group releases 2023 sustainability report

Luxaviation Group 2023 sustainability report lists steps taken by the company to reduction emissions.

A Cessna jet at Luxaviation FBO.

Business aircraft and FBO operator Luxaviation Group launched its 2023 sustainability report wherein it shared the progress on multiple sustainable development goal (SDGs) including the launch of go-to-zero investment fund, partnering with firms on carbon credits, electrification of ground handling equipment (GHE), eliminating plastic bottles and cans and drafting sustainability policy.

“The 2023 Sustainability Report for Luxaviation Group is not just a reflection of our impact and progress but a roadmap for our future. Our commitment goes beyond regulatory compliance, leading by example and inspiring positive change within and beyond the sector,” said Patrick Hansen, CEO, Luxaviation Group.

The company said that it made significant progress on its commitment to sustainability and innovation in aviation.

“In 2023, we made progressive strides in understanding and thereby reducing our environmental impact. Our expanded use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and the electrification of our ground vehicles have set new industry benchmarks for eco-friendly practices. These initiatives are part of our broader goal to transparently lead the industry towards a more responsible future,” said the company in its statement.

In an effort to reduce ground emissions, the FBO operator initiated electrification of its FBO GHE. The move will help minimise environmental impact and enhances operational efficiency. Meanwhile, ExecuJet, part of the Luxaviation Group, has already achieved 57% of its 2030 GHE electrification target.

The company also adopted rigorous waste reduction strategies notably aiming to reduce single-use plastic bottles and cans across all ExecuJet FBOs by 60% by 2025, with complete elimination targeted by 2026.

It also shared plans to reinforce its sustainability strategy through multi-stakeholder engagement programme and collaborations with industry stakeholders, including aircraft manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and environmental organisations. Towards this, Luxaviation has partnered with business sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis to improve transparency and drive positive impact across supply chains.

Moreover, Luxaviation has also partnered with sustainability solutions provider Azzera and vertiport developer EVTOL Networks to explore green solutions for aviation. 

Read the full report here.


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