Lufthansa Technik signs Boeing 747-8 completion contract


Boeing 747-8VIP aircraft to be completed by Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik has announced
that it has signed a completion contract for a Boeing 747-8 with an undisclosed
customer. The completion will start in 2012.

Additionally, Lufthansa Technik
has signed three letters of commitment for the same type of aircraft so far.

“Interest in highly individualized completions of large aircraft at the top level of quality continues to be high,” said Walter Heerdt, senior vice president Marketing & Sales of Lufthansa Technik. “We have been able to support the VIP market with the highest quality, reliability and short layovers for many years. We will continue to do so also with new aircraft types like the Boeing 747-8 of which Lufthansa has ordered 20 aircraft. Besides having started Engineering
on the first B748 completion project, we are currently preparing our organization and service portfolio for the arrival of the first Lufthansa 747-8 in 2012. Thus, we will also be able to support our VIP customers with comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services over the complete life cycle of the aircraft through our dedicated VIP aircraft maintenance organization.”

Currently, Lufthansa Technik has signed contracts or is in final talks about the completion of a considerable number of widebody and more than ten narrowbody aircraft. This means a high workload for its completion centers and only a few remaining layover slots to offer over the next two years.

Lufthansa Technik’s VIP&Executive Jet Solutions Division consists of five business units at four locations: The head office and completion center in Hamburg, Lufthansa Bombardier
Aviation Services in Berlin, the US-subsidiary BizJet International in Tulsa
/ Oklahoma, and Lufthansa Technik Switzerland
in Basel

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