Lufthansa Technik and Airbus renew early Elite cabin-agreement


Interior of Airbus ACJ318 ELITE

Lufthansa Technik and Airbus Corporate Jets have renewed their ELITE Cabin Agreement, building on a co-operation which begun in 2005, when the ACJ318 was launched. The current agreement has been extended till 2020.

Airbus ACJ318s were initially equipped with ELITE cabins by Lufthansa Technik’s completion center in Hamburg, but the work was moved to the company’s US-subsidiary BizJet International in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Deliveries of outfitted Airbus ACJ318s began in 2007, and 19 of them have been produced so far.

The first of an updated version, the Airbus ACJ318 Enhanced, has just been completed. The ACJ318 ELITE was originally called the A318 ELITE.