London Biggin Hill Airport revise Olympic hours application


Airport amends operating hours proposals with local council

Jenny MunroLondon Biggin Hill has amended its
application to Bromley Council and has reduced proposals for airport operating
hours during the Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer.

“We wish to contribute strongly to the
transport and logistical success of the 2012 Olympics and we need to advise any
changes to the CAA without delay.  We believe that this new plan
represents a constructive way forward, having listened carefully and responded
to the concerns of our neighbours. This is a significantly different plan and,
if approved, would demonstrate that  London Biggin Hill Airport and the London
Borough of Bromley are willing to support the national effort being made to
welcome international visitors towards making a success of the Games” says
Jenny Munro, managing director of London Biggin Hill Airport..

Munro continued “Equally, and as important,
the heritage of the Games has the potential to boost business opportunities and
to bring new jobs and vital new investment to the Borough. If guests use other
airports and miss the experience of Biggin with its full range of services and its
proximity to London,
there is a risk that any resulting investment would go elsewhere. As one of
Bromley’s largest employment bases, surely the more visitors and potential
investors we attract to the area, the better.”