London Biggin Hill opens new hangar at end of June


Airport is near to opening new hangar complex

Biggin Hill Terminal HangarLondon Biggin Hill new hangar complex is nearing completion and should
be ready for business at the end of June. Occupancy can begin in early July.

The hangar complex is 5,000 square metres and there is another 5,000
square metres of ramp apron adjacent to the new hangar and office complex.

The hangar and office complex is near to the
Airport Terminal. Robert Walters, business development manager, says that the
opening of the hangar facility at the Terminal is a high value customer service
development for Biggin Hill.

“For the very first time, the airport will be
able to house aircraft types such as BBJ and ACJ on a short or long term
basis.  Our service capability takes a
large step forward with the introduction of this hangar, concurrently offering
a community facility to all operators at Biggin Hill” he says.