Little News Is Not Bad News (One Minute EBACE 2017 – Day 1)


TFMS Farnborough

The press day at EBACE 2017 was pretty subdued. This may be because it took place on the Sunday due to the Swiss Ascension Day holiday later this week. But it is mainly because the European market is also pretty subdued. Manufacturers typically try to dominate the press day. This year they did not not seem to be trying as hard.

OEMs have focused on customer service (Embraer, Textron), interiors (Bombardier) and previously announced aircraft (Pilatus, Gulfstream, Textron). Dassault will also get a lot of headlines for saying that it is going to launch a new aircraft later this year, but this does not really count.

This lack of news does not really matter. Press conferences are good places for technical updates – but they are a terrible place to actually find out what is going on in the market.

The good news is that over the next three days there will be lots of opportunity (the International Transactions Seminar has been a great place to start). One private banker said that the thing he loved about his job were the four Ps: people, places, planes and parties.

With attendance looking strong, there will be a lot of all four this week.

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