Liebherr Aerospace delivers first Learjet 85 flap actuation system


The system is designed, manufactured and tested by Liebherr-Aeropace Lindenberg GmbH.

Liebherr-Aerospace has recently delivered the first flap actuation system for the Bombardier Learjet 85 programme. The system is designed, manufactured, tested, qualified and integrated by Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH (Germany), Liebherr’s centre of excellence for aerospace flight control/actuation and landing gear systems.

All qualification and flight certification tests of the flap system are being performed in the presence of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg. The first safety of flight (SOF) qualification tests started in July 2012.

In addition to the flap actuation system, Liebherr-Aerospace will supply the integrated air management system for the Learjet 85 business aircraft.

Liebherr’s centre of excellence for air management systems, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Toulouse (France), is responsible for the design, production and qualification of this system.

Both companies are carrying out the design work from their respective home bases together with their Wichita-based (Kansas, USA) engineering support team.