LEA warns Olympic fans of possible problems


Problems with restrictions could cause problems with last minute travel arrangements

London Executive Aviation executive warns of airspace restrictions during the London Olympics.

Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, chief executive of London Executive Aviation (LEA) says heavy demand for airline seats and airspace restrictions surrounding the Olympic Park will limit last-minute travel decisions.

Margetson-Rushmore says: “From 13 July to 12 September 2012, there will be an inner prohibited airspace zone and an outer restricted zone, about 60 nautical miles across, centred on the Olympic Park. Business jet passengers, who ordinarily expect to be able to charter a flight at very short notice, should be warned that such flexibility may not be possible in these exceptional circumstances. If customers are serious about chartering next summer, we are urging them to book early to ensure an aircraft isavailable and that there is time to have the flight approved.”

Only aircraft operating commercial services and meeting strict security requirements, will normally be permitted to fly in the prohibited zone. Even aircraft operating in the wider restricted zone will need to satisfy certain requirements to ensure clear identification and monitoring by air traffic control.

LEA operates from seven bases around London.