Latest Private Jet Travel Trends Outlined In New Research


Over 1,000 private jet users have been surveyed on what they want from private aviation providers, including program rules and policies, their openness to working with smaller providers, what program they bought, and how much they spent.

The results are compiled in The Jet Card Report 2023/4, published by Private Jet Card Comparisons, and covers the use of jet cards, memberships, fractional ownership, on-demand charters, and jet-sharing/ by-the-seat options.

“This is the industry’s only direct from-consumer research of actual private jet users before they buy and after, so it offers a 360-degree perspective with invaluable insights,” said Doug Gollan, president, Private Jet Card Comparisons. The report includes details on what private aviation consumers want, from aircraft types, the ability to book window seats, changing between cabin categories for different missions, and the importance of amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity and bringing pets on board.

The report also covers the which private jet providers each user considered joining, who they bought from, which companies they renewed with, and which ones they left.

The report is available from Private Jet Card Comparisons.