Marty Kretchman appointed general manager at Landmark Aviation in Asheville


Landmark appoints Marty Kretchman general manager of Asheville facility

Marty KretchmanLandmark Aviation has announced the appointment of Marty Kretchman
as general manager of it’s Asheville

Marty Kretchman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business
Management from the University
of Phoenix. He is a
former corporate pilot and has been on the National Air Transportation
Association’s Airports Committee since 2007.

“I’ve been able to integrate my experience as a corporate
aviator with my past experience managing FBOs to find some unique solutions to
a variety of challenging situations,” Marty Kretchman said.  “I look forward to working with my team
towards similar successes here in Asheville.”

In addition to Avion Jet Center,
Marty has held the post of general manager at Volo Aviation in Sarasota. In early 2010, he was part of the
team that opened Suncoast
Air Center.
Once the Air Center was up and running, Marty
departed to take the role of general manager with Landmark Aviation.

“Marty has a stellar reputation in the general aviation
industry and has proven himself as a dedicated professional,” executive vice president
of Operations Ted Hamilton said. “My time working with Marty when he was the
Vice Chairman of the NATA Airports Committee convinced me that he would be a
tremendous addition to Landmark Aviation and we are fortunate to have him on
our team.”