Landmark Aviation and ICG enter an agreement for an STC


Landmark Aviation and ICG have entered an agreement to obtain an STC for the Challenger 600 aircraft

Landmark Aviation and International Communications Group (ICG)
have announced that they have entered into an agreement to obtain a
Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a version of ICG’s advanced voice and
data satellite based communications product line called Sora to be installed on
Bombardier Challenger 600 series aircraft.

The multi-use STC will allow installation of a bundle
designated Sora ig. This complete communications solution integrates Inmarsat
Swift Broadband, internet connectivity, Iridium Voice, Data Link, Wi-Fi access,
and cabin handsets on the aircraft.

“This STC will allow for a greater diversity of the installed
base for our Sora products and we look forward to working with Landmark
Aviation during this process,” ICG chief executive Scott Trainum said.

A Challenger 600 is scheduled for Sora ig installation
at the Landmark Winston-Salem MRO facility in April 2011. The MRO expects to
complete the necessary flight testing and certification program by mid-May. The
STC project is aimed at a multi-use approval for the Bombardier Challenger
aircraft and is intended to have applicability across the entire CL-600
Challenger line.

“To be competitive in this industry, we need to offer our
customers connectivity solutions for their aircraft ranging from voice to
internet,” Landmark avionics manager Dwayne Chandler commented. “In completing this STC,
we are expanding our expertise and offering a wider range of options to our