Lancaster Airport completes Phase III of its runway improvement plan


Lancaster Airport, Pennsylvania

Lancaster Airport in Pennsylvania has completed Phase III of its four-phase runway improvement project. The event marked by the reopening of runway 8-26, taxiway Delta east of runway 13-31 and both taxiways Juliet and November east of taxiway Foxtrot on Saturday, July 1st.

The project, which began in 2021, upgrades and standardises the runway and taxiway surfaces and mitigates potentially hazardous storm-water ponding at mid-field.

“We’re grateful for the flying public’s patience while we continue to improve the runway facilities at Lancaster Airport,” said  Mary Forney, manager of the airport’s FBO, LNS Alliance Aviation. “The resurfacing and drainage improvements are necessary for safer, smoother landings, and safety is always our top priority.”

The conclusion of Phase III comes at an ideal time ahead of July 4th for those flying in to enjoy the Lancaster area’s golf courses, shops, restaurants and Amish Country attractions, said the company. To mark the reopening, Alliance Aviation will offer a Jet A fuel promotion of 4 AVTRIP Points per gallon on uplifts or 10 points per gallon for top offs between July 1st to July 31st.

“We look forward to welcoming both established customers and new faces alike to Lancaster and helping them make the most of their time in the area,” Forney said.

In addition to the runway upgrade, Alliance Aviation’s new, 6,700sqft facility offers exceptional amenities, including large pilot and passenger lounges, a flight planning area, and concierge customer service for car rentals, hotel and catering arrangements. The on-site restaurant adjacent to the FBO provides a full-service dining option, with patio seating offering ramp and runway views.

Aircraft accommodations include ramp tie-down, heated hangar rentals and full-service Jet A and 100LL fuelling from 7am to 8pm daily. Self-serve 100LL is available 24 hours on the east side of the terminal.