L2 Aviation names Human Resource Veteran Warren Orr as Human Resources Leader


Warren Orr

Austin, Texas – L2 Aviation, a leading supplier of global avionics services including engineering, parts, certification, installation and manufacturing announced today a key addition to its management team with the appointment of Warren Orr as Human Resources Leader. Orr will work closely with the CEO and Leadership Team to assure the Company advances its business, brings in and retains top talent, and further embeds its core values. Another essential goal for Orr is to design, implement and evaluate programs to attract, retain, reward, and motivate top talent and top performance.

“I look forward to working to be a part of L2 Aviation’s continuing mindset of putting employees first, as well as the growth and expansion of the value we bring to our world-wide customers,” said Orr. “In addition, I am excited about the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of L2 Aviation, our pipeline and proud legacy. I look forward to meeting and building a win-win relationship with each member of our L2 Aviation Family.”

“Warren is an HR professional that will bring a laser focus to supporting our business plans, our talent needs, and ensuring our company is aligned towards being employee attentive. He isn’t just an educated HR guru, he is also ‘people person’ who wants to be a key and accountable part of growing a fast-paced, highly innovative, fun, and successful aviation company,” said Mark Lebovitz, Founder & CEO of L2 Aviation. “Human Resources is critical as we advance L2 Aviation towards the post-pandemic new world, realising that our continued success is dependent upon being an exceptional employer. I have every confidence that Warren, with the full support of our team, will be a well-timed and tremendously appreciated asset for L2 Aviation as we become a more fully operational enterprise capable of launching disruptively innovative services and products in ways that set new standards of excellence in our industry – pioneering pathways for which there are no analogs. The scope of this aspiration requires exquisite talent management, and Warren’s arrival, skills and dedication give me every confidence we are on track to meet the challenges behind our opportunities.”