L.J. Aviation renews their Wingman Certification


LJ Aviation

Latrobe, Pennsylvania – 9 August 2021 – L.J. Aviation has secured its designation of WYVERN Wingman Certified Operator following a successful Audit, conducted by WYVERN in June 2021. The WYVERN Wingman Standard, the first air charter audit standard in the aviation industry, provides a safety benchmark that allows air charter customers to assess performance expectations against recognised industry best operating practices before purchasing air charter services.

“L.J. Aviation has committed itself to the journey of being an industry leading aircraft management company. The high value customer experience we strive to achieve is not only rooted in our passengers feeling safe, but in being safe,” says Duane Crumrine, Director of Safety at L.J Aviation. “Realising that safety can be relative, we take pride in achieving the WYVERN Wingman Standard. This benchmark standard demonstrates the desire we have at L.J. Aviation to continue on this never-ending journey of improvement.”

WYVERN Wingman Operators are evaluated by the Wingman Standard criteria. The scope of the evaluation includes an evaluation of operational activities, review on the company operational history and safety records, Safety Management System (SMS), internal evaluation program, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, and maintenance operations including technician training and experience.

“L.J. Aviation’s certification as a WYVERN Wingman Operator sets them apart from other operators in the air charter industry. This achievement validates their commitment to attaining and maintaining an enduring safety culture that elevates their performance above other operators who are just beginning to embrace the value of formal safety risk management,” says Sonnie Bates, WYVERN CEO.