Kinston Jet Center begins operations in North Carolina


Avfuel is named as fuel supplier to the new fixed based operator.

Avfuel will now provide aviation fuels to the Kinson jetport.

The Kinston Jet Center began operations at the Kinston Regional Jetport in North Carolina, following the departure of Delta Private Jets, and named Avfuel as the centre’s fuel supplier.

The Jet Center is managed by ABS Aviation and has a 11,500 ft runway capable of taking the heaviest business aircraft.

Michael Hodges, president and CEO of ABS Aviation, said: “We go above and beyond simply offering fair pricing and a safe, secure operation. We really pay attention to the needs of each customer.”

“Avfuel supports its branded network of FBOs with solutions and systems that streamline our operations and allow us to be more customer-focused,” added Hodges. “Also, as an Avfuel FBO, Kinston Jet Center is able to participate in the Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP programs, which are extremely attractive to flight departments and pilots and allow us to not only meet the fuel needs of our customers, but to reward them for their purchases.”

Kinston Jet Center offers maintenance and repair, apron and hangar space, a pilot’s lounge, wireless internet and a crew car.