King Aerospace recognised as a “We Hire Vets” Employer


Dallas, TX – The Texas Workforce Commission in partnership with the Texas Veterans Commission and Texas Workforce Solutions Offices have recognised King Aerospace for its commitment to hiring veterans. The “We Hire Vets” program designation is reserved for employers whose workforce is composed of at least 10 percent military veterans. King Aerospace vastly exceeds that. Companywide it employs 33% veterans. In Texas, that number exceeds 38%.

“Our mission-driven, disciplined team makes King Aerospace a welcoming place for people transitioning out of the military,” says Jarid King, King Aerospace president. “Our values align closely with the military’s – from the Navy’s “Not Self, But Country” to the Coast Guard’s “Always Ready.” Veterans feel at home here.”

Finding the Right Fit

A Pew Research Center study shows that 26% of respondents found the shift to civilian life to be difficult. For veterans who served after 9/11, that jumped to 48%. Research shows that 44% of veterans leave their first post-military job within a year and another 80% leave before the end of their second year. They cite low job satisfaction, little opportunity for advancement – and trouble relating to their civilian colleagues. This difficulty acclimating extends to veterans’ families, too.

“We actively work to be veterans’ employer of choice,” says Warren Orr, King Aerospace chief people officer. “Our King Kulture and Cornerstone Principles, like the military, promote tolerance, mutual respect, self-discipline, honesty and trust. Our commitment to God, Country and Family and understanding the “why” behind our actions create an environment of purpose and meaning. Veterans seek that.”

King Aerospace’s corporate division provides services for VVIP aircraft, specializing in the Boeing Business Jet. Its military/government aircraft division helps ensure troops’ mission readiness through highly responsive contractor logistics support (CLS). Its teams deploy whenever and wherever needed, getting parts and people into remote, often hostile environments.

“We do the right thing for the right reasons with the right attitude – even when no one is looking,” says King. “If aircraft can’t fly, neither can troops.”

Steve Sawyer, general manager of King Aerospace’s commercial operations, served in the Navy for 30 years, retiring as a Master Chief. He says King Aerospace’s common philosophies drew him to join the team in 2016. He works to create a sense of family, meeting people individually, listening closely and taking action as needed. His years in the service have led him to believe that only by recognising and respecting each other’s strengths and weaknesses can team members grow professionally and come together as a unified, high-performing team.

“Employment at King Aerospace is a way of life just as the military is,” says Sawyer. “It’s a life of service.”

In Texas alone, there are an estimated 1.5 million veterans. Their training helps make them ideal team members: hardworking, motivated and disciplined.

“We commend you on taking the initiative to hire our nation’s heroes,” wrote Commissioner Aaron Demerson of the Texas Workforce Commission and Chairwoman Laura Koerner of the Texas Veterans Commission in a joint letter to King Aerospace.

For Those Planning Their Next Career Move

King Aerospace is always looking for talent. Veterans, aircraft technicians and maintenance professionals searching for an equal-opportunity workplace with a family feel and passion for delivering the highest quality services can apply here: