Kenneth Frazier appointed as director of marketing and sales


New director of marketing and sales at Smyrna Air Center

Smyrna Air Center has announced that Kenneth D Frazier as been appointed director of
marketing and sales for the company.

Kenneth D. Frazier, former vice president of
business development for Peak Aero Group will now assume the duties as the new
director of marketing and sales for Smyrna
Air Center.

Mr. Frazier brings 16 years of varying
aviation experience and will lead the marketing and sales team on initiatives
for Smyrna Air Center,
to include their Power 90 conversion, fuel sales, maintenance sales, marketing
and PR responsibilities.

Mr. Frazier holds a Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State
University and an MBA from National University. “His versatility in the
industry and educational background make him an intricate and vital addition to
our staff”, commented Neal Ropp, vice president and general manager for Smyrna Air