K5-Aviation to debut the Global 7500 to worldwide charter market


K5 Aviation Global 75000 rendering

K5-Aviation GmbH is preparing to be among the first few operators in the world to introduce Bombardier Aviation’s new extra long-range Global 7500 to the charter market. The K5-Aviation management team is scheduled to take delivery of the aircraft in Montreal this August.

The aircraft, with a 7,700 nm range and 16 hours’ flying time, and max speed of Mach 0.925*, will be the German company’s third VIP large cabin aircraft available for charter, joining two Airbus Corporate Jets.

The Global 7500 will be available for charter based out of Munich International Airport, luxuriously fitted with 14 VIP seats. K5’s aircraft will be the first Global 7500 with a shower. Its spacious cabin will also feature a full-size galley and four cabin zones including a full bedroom in the rear. Ka-band internet in combination with Lufthansa Technik’s “nice” entertainment system for inflight streaming and video conferencing will add to the passenger experience.

“We are very excited to be introducing this stunning new aircraft under our management and AOC. The charter brokers we work closely with are eagerly awaiting it too,” commented Luca Madone, K5-Aviation’s Accountable Manager.

“The Transoceanic capable business jet will open up a wealth of new city pairs for our discerning clientele that we haven’t been able to reach before, including direct routes such as Miami to Dubai,” added K5 Head of Charter Sales Lorenz Baur.

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