Judge decides Global 6000 ZS-OAK must be returned to South Africa


A judge in South Africa’s Johannesburg High Court has ruled that Global 6000 ZS-OAK must be returned to the country within 15 days or face deregistration.

Export Development Canada (EDC) brought the case to court following a series of missed payments that it was due to receive for financing the aircraft.

According to the ruling, the owners of the aircraft, the wealthy Indian-born South African family with interests in computing, media, and mining, must return the aircraft to South Africa’s Lanseria airport within 15 days.

Failing that, the judge also ordered, the South African Civil Aviation Authorities must de-register the aircraft, effectively making the aircraft unflyable.

The Gupta family, some of whom are on the run from the South African police and accused of fraud and money laundering, is expected to appeal the decision.

Bombardier Global 6000 ZS-OAK was last seen at Dubai South airport on March 11.

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