JSSI announces new developments at NBAA-BACE


Jet Support Services Inc. has launched two products and announced a new business partnership this week.

JSSI, which maintains corporate jets, launched an online value asset tool and a range of consulting services at NBAA-BACE. It also announced that it has joined forces with insurance provider Starr Aviation to save customers money and enhance services.

The value asset tool provides users with the latest data on the value of aircraft within a portfolio. Now live and available to JSSI customers within its Asset Monitoring Platform web portal, it is the latest update of the AMP tool that was first launched in 2015. AMP 2.5 enables lenders to mitigate risk and manage financed aircraft, by providing access to critical and real-time data about their portfolios. It also creates a picture of aircrafts’ historical utilisation, and past and future maintenance and financial obligations, and notifies lenders of potential changes in aircrafts’ profiles.

The consulting services cover asset inspection, aircraft appraisal, maintenance cost planning, and maintenance event management. The company says they use its global network of technical advisors and data collected over three decades.

“JSSI manages and pays for close to 10,000 maintenance events each year. As a result, we have full visibility into the actual costs associated with operating and maintaining aircraft,” said Neil Book, JSSI president and CEO.

JSSI described its collaboration with Starr Aviation, which provides insurance for aircraft hull and liability risks, as “pioneering” and said it will “bring cost savings and service enhancements” to both companies’ customers.

Starr Aviation will use JSSI’s new maintenance event management consulting service to manage off-wing engine and auxiliary power units repairs and secure “significant” cost reductions for its customers through JSSI’s global purchasing and supply networks. JSSI’s event management team will also ensure that turnaround times are as quick as possible and that quality standards are exceeded.

And JSSI customers who are enrolled on its engine programme will receive another $50,000 parts betterment coverage from Starr Aviation, which controls out-of-pocket expenses when an unscheduled claim is made.

Book said: “We commend Starr Aviation for conceiving this strategic alliance that will bring greater levels of service and cost savings to clients when unexpected engine or APU events occur.”