John Graber appointed as president of CHC Helicopter Services


Graber replaces interim president Scott Pinfield

CHC Helicopter has announced
the appointment of John Graber as president of CHC Helicopter Services. Graber,
who will report directly to CHC Helicopter president and chief executive
officer, Bill Amelio, replaces interim president Scott Pinfield.

“In John Graber we have a leader who brings a wealth of experience tackling the
challenges we will face as CHC Helicopter grows,” said Amelio. “Not only is Mr.
Graber an experienced pilot, but he’s got an accomplished resume of business
success in both operational and strategic roles.”

Graber has a great deal of experience, most recently as president of ABX Air,
his team completely restructured the company into a profitable, $500 million
enterprise when it faced an unprecedented drop in customer demand.

“Mr Graber has a long history in the airline industry and that experience
plays well into the challenges and opportunities CHC Helicopter faces,” said Amelio.
“As an experienced helicopter pilot and army aviator, Mr. Graber is also very
knowledgeable about helicopter operations and shares CHC’s commitment to
safety, which makes him a well-rounded choice for this position.”

He currently lives in Loveland,
Ohio, has an MBA Cum Laude from
the University of Notre Dame and has extensive military experience.  He
was decorated for his service as a medevac Flight Section Leader in Iraq during
Operation Desert Storm.

“CHC has the world’s best reputation for providing safe, excellent customer
service in demanding global operations.  The company has much to be proud
of in its history,” said Graber.   “I want to help the team grow the
business, positioning CHC so our team has much to be proud of long into the future.”