JetSuite launches aircraft management


JetSuite has formally launched an aircraft management programme including an innovative option allowing owners to switch aircraft onto charter when they are not being used.

The company has created three different options – named after JetSuite’s livery.

Under the Redstripe programme, JetSuite manages all aspects of the aircraft with the owner committing to making it available for charter for several days at a time when they are not using it. The WhiteStripe programme is a traditional aircraft management programme where JetSuite manages the aircraft with the owners deciding if it wants to make it available for charter.

The Greystripe programme is an innovative new option. Owners or operators use the aircraft as they wish but then makes it available for JetSute for charter. JetSuite, which takes over the maintenance of the aircraft as part of the programme, then flies pilots down to pick up the aircraft and its it to its fleet. Owners can choose to operate the aircraft privately when it is not being used by JetSuite. It is available to owners based anywhere in the US who are prepared to give JetSuite there aircraft for at least four days.

“We are seeing a lot of interest for both the Redstripe and Greystripe programmes,” says Cameron Gowans, vice president, sales and marketing for JetSuite. “There is nothing on a scale like GreyStripe and owners are really excited by the concept.”

To start with the programmes are only available on Embraer aircraft operated by JetSuite: Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Embraer Legacy 600 and Legacy 650 aircraft.

JetSuite is already managing three aircraft.

Gowans has already spoken with an Embraer Phenom 100 owner who had been considering upgrading to a Phenom 300. The owner sees this programme as a way of moving up, says Gowans.

“A lot of owners would like to benefit from the charter revenues but were not convinced that the revenue would make up for the investment involved,” says Gowans. “Owners – who typically have other jobs – also find managing maintenance a hassle. We can take this from them.”

JetSuite now has three different offerings: JetSuite, a traditional charter operator; JetSuiteX, which runs scheduled jet services; and aircraft management.

“The three lines of business have significant synergies. Management has been led by our SuiteKey membership programme,” says Gowans. “We are also very different to most other operators as we are demand led. Most management companies are looking for aircraft supply and then try and find charter. We know that we have demand.”

Gowans says that can also see owners switching between programmes as their needs change. “Our programmes only make sense if they work for owners and for us.”