JetSmarter grows flight seat booking by triple digits



JetSmarter, the online platform for booking shared and private flights, has seen triple digit year on year growth in seat bookings.

During the same period, the company says that its shared flight frequency has grown by more than 20%.

JetSmarter says that the growth has largely come from flight creations, where users create a new charter flight themselves, and offer seats on it to help offset the cost.

Earlier in 2018 the company announced that it would open its Jet Shuttle flights to non-members, as well as allowing them to initiate flight requests.

JetSmarter founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov said at the time that the company was doing this to help the number of flights available to members grow at a faster rate.

Seats on the Jet Shuttle flights were offered on a pay-as-you-fly basis.

With JetSmarter’s flight inventory determined by the flying community, members and non-members alike will benefit from the increase in flight creation,” said Petrossov.

The increase in flight seat booking comes shortly after the company announced that it would be creating a branded fleet. Under the new scheme, aircraft owners would effectively hand their aircraft over to the company and would be given an hourly rate when the aircraft is used. JetSmarter would take care of the maintenance and running costs, as well as branding the aircraft with JetSmarter logos.

The first aircraft type that the firm is targeting is the Gulfstream IVSP, with the first aircraft currently being reconfigured. The aircraft will all be operated by JetEdge, the California-based operator.