Jets Bournemouth acquired by a Carlauren Group Company


Jets Bournemouth

Monday, 1st October 2018 – Jets Bournemouth has been acquired by Carlauren International Holdings Ltd adding to its growing portfolio of companies aimed at hospitality travel and aviation.

The acquisition will see Jets become a major player within the maintenance, management and air charter arenas. Plans for immediate capital injection, alongside an experienced management team will pitch the company as an exciting competitor within the market.

Sean Murray CEO and Founder of Carlauren Group said: “Today marks a major step forward with our group plans. Jets has for a long time been trapped by way of a lack of funding that stifled its ability to hold a competitive global presence within the aircraft maintenance arena.  Today that stops. We as a company have aggressive plans for Jets which is widely recognised as one of Europe’s premier aircraft maintenance facilities. By way of a substantial cash and management injection to Jets, the company will now be able to grow.”

The Carlauren Group was founded in 2014 by Sean Murray with the vision to change travel and care for the over 55’s.  The group has gone from strength to strength within the last two years owning in excess of 20 subsidiary companies in care, travel, aviation, insurance, technology and crypto currency.