Jetquity agrees $350m residual value guarantee programme for flyExclusive


Jetquity has agreed a $350m residual value guarantee programme for flyExclusive.

This means that flyExclusive’s fractional aircraft customers can lock-in a value for their aircraft. Jetquity typically offers five year guarantees.

“We are thrilled to team up with flyExclusive to offer a comprehensive solution to fractional jet owners,” said Asad Rahman, CEO, Jetquity. “Our residual value guarantees will provide flyExclusive’s clients with a competitive edge and enable them to forecast their financial outlay far more accurately than is possible with today’s market offerings.”

The guarantee will cover the fractional operator’s Cessna CJ3 and Cessna CJ3+ fleet. It will also include new CJ3 Gen 2 aircraft when they are delivered.

“Partnering with Jetquity to offer residual value guarantees for our CJ3 aircraft is another way we can offer the best service and value to our customers. This collaboration ensures that fractional owners can invest in our state-of-the-art aircraft with confidence, knowing that their investments are protected,” says Jim Segrave, CEO, flyExclusive. “We are excited about the opportunities this relationship with Jetquity presents, and we believe it will further strengthen our position as a leading fractional jet provider.”

Jetquity launched in April 2023. It also has a partnership with Jetcraft, the global broker-dealer.

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