JETNET releases August 2011 pre-owned market information


For the first time this year, some good news in the pre-owned business jet retail sale transactions

JETNET has released August 2011 and the
first eight months of 2011 results for the pre-owned business jet, business
turboprop, and helicopter markets.

For the first time this year some
long-anticipated good news came for pre-owned business jet retail sale transactions.
In the first eight months of 2011, the year-to-date (YTD) average asking price
increased 3.5% while the industry maintained double-digit growth at 11.4%.

Highlighted in Table A are the key
worldwide trends across all pre-owned aircraft market sectors, comparing August
2011 to August 2010 as well as Year To Date.

Key Metrics are
For Sale
inventories continue to decline

• Business Jet inventory For Sale at 13.8% (down 1.1
points from 14.9%)

• Business Turboprops For Sale at 10.2%
(down 0.5 points from 10.7%)

• Turbine Helicopters For Sale at 6.7% (down 0.2
points from 6.9%)

• Piston Helicopters For Sale at 6.5% (no change)

Full Sale Transactions show mixed results

• Both Business Jet (up 11.4%) and
Business Turboprops (up 11.7%) show double-digit growth

• Both Turbine (down 11.6%) and Piston
helicopters (down 17.9%) show double-digit declines

Average Asking Prices show mixed results;
Business Jets show positive change for first time YTD

• Both Business Jets (up 3.5%) and Piston
Helicopters (up 5.1%) show increases

• Both Business Turboprop (down 1.5%) and
Turbine Helicopters (down 13.8%) show decreases

Average Days on the Market all at very
high levels

• All market sectors are over 300 days
average on the market before a sale

• All market sectors have reduced the
average days in August, except for business turboprops which took 11 days longer

JETNET August 2011


While the pre-owned market continues to
show improvement, all changes have been slow to recover, though are much
improved compared to the lows recorded over the past two years.