JETNET announced launch customer for Platinum level JETNET iQ Adisory service


Company announced that Cessna Aircraft Company is launch customer

JETNET has announced that Cessna Aircraft Company has
signed on as the launch customer for JETNET iQ.

As a Platinum-level subscriber to JETNET iQ, Cessna
has access to the full range of database details, including quarterly “state of
the industry” reports and the ability to insert unique questions into JETNET iQ’s
global business aviation surveys.

“We are very pleased to have Cessna as the launch
customer for the Platinum-level service of JETNET iQ,” said Vincent Esposito,
JETNET president. “Our two organizations have worked together for many years,
and we are delighted to be in a position to support Cessna’s needs for the
latest market intelligence to navigate in these uncertain times.”

“JETNET has been a reliable partner through the
years,” added Mark Paolucci, Cessna senior vice president, Sales. “We are
constantly looking at ways to better serve our customers and identify and capture
new business, and JETNET iQ provides us with fresh insights that are unique,
timely, and actionable.”

JETNET iQ’s Q2 2011 Report was completed and
delivered to Cessna in July. The Q3 2011 Report is scheduled for completion and
delivery in September, prior to the annual National Business Aviation Association
(NBAA) Annual Meeting Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV
on 10 – 12 October 2011.