JETNET iQ business survey milestone


The JETNET  iQ Global Business Aviation Surveys has 4,000 respondents.

JETNET has announced that the number of total respondents to its JETNET iQ Global Business Aviation Surveys has now reached 4,000.

These quarterly surveys are completed on-line in multiple languages with owners and operators of fixed-wing, turbine-powered business aircraft.

There is a team of more than 40 JETNET aircraft research specialists who are in contact with owners and operators. Rollie Vincent, JETNET iQ creator/director, has only high praise for the work of JETNET’s research team: “They speak many languages, but most importantly they speak “airplane”. This helps us tremendously in communicating with customers who represent a rich diversity of perspectives.”

Lucia Frontera, JETNET director of research added: “We connect with owners and operators in both traditional and emerging markets, wherever business aircraft are based and flown. Our JETNET iQ surveys reach every corner of the globe, from America to Angola, Argentina to Australia, Austria to Azerbaijan – and all points inbetween.”