Jetex to open flight planning lounge at Oxford Airport


UAE based Jetex Flight Support is opening a new flight planning lounge at London Oxford Airport.

Jetex logoJetex Flight Support, the Dubai, UAE-based flight support company is opening a new flight planning lounge at London Oxford Airport.  The company is branding a flight planning room for crews in an exclusive arrangement with the UK airport, the two companies announced just ahead of the NBAA’s Annual Schedulers and Dispatches conference which is taking place in San Antonio, Texas.

Jetex becomes the airport FBO’s preferred flight planning partner with only Jetex materials and information featuring in the Oxfordjet FBO.  Jetex is taking over one of the FBO’s established crew lounges, rebranding it as the ‘Jetex Lounge’.

“This is a strong branding partnership for our FBO as we mark the fifth birthday of Oxfordjet this year,” commented James Dillon-Godfray, business development director at London Oxford Airport.  “Jetex is renowned worldwide for its high quality flight planning.  It becomes our first external partner which will help us further bolster our offering to new customers, in particular beyond the European region alone, especially the Middle East and the USA.”

“We are very pleased to create a presence at what is the UK’s fastest growing business aviation airport.  The investment the airport’s owners have consistently made in enhancing the airport’s infrastructure, coupled with its pro-active marketing and PR has meant the airport has consistently attracted increasing business aviation movements.  2012 saw London Oxford’s business aviation traffic continue to grow, whilst other London region airports saw their 2012 business aviation traffic fall.   This was an important consideration in bringing our flight support expertise here,” said Sabina Makowska, spokesperson for Jetex.

Jetex clients destined for, or originating for trips to the London region, will also be made aware of the viability of using London Oxford Airport with the convenient 22-minute helicopter links between the airport and the Barclays London Heliport.

Clients using both airports can take advantage of reduced landing fees when using Oxford and the heliport in Battersea together. Visiting jets at London Oxford Airport connecting with heliport-originating or destined helicopters, qualify for a 50% reduction in landing fees for a business jet of 15 tonnes or more.  Helicopters interlining with a jet at Oxford will also receive a free landing.  There will be a 25% reduction for jets under 15 tonnes.  The associated helicopter will also qualify for a 50% reduction in the landing fee at the Heliport – a deal which can represent a saving of more than £1,000 per round trip in some instances.