launches new on-line digital jet card


Jacquie Dalton has introduced a new on-line digital jet card that connects pre-paid clients directly to operators at wholesale pricing.

JETdebit clients will have the ability to interact with their own customised profile page and receive complete trip fulfillment services with financial protections.

Jacquie Dalton, founder and CEO of JETdebit said: “Consumers want direct access to the independent operators fulfilling over 90% of charter flights worldwide, while operators deserve to be paid for their services on-time, at a fair rate, and without the risk of fraudulent credit card disputes. What makes JETdebit unique to the bizav segment is that it’s mutually beneficial to operators and clients, and no additional cost to either.”

JETdebit charges charter clients a flat percentage fee upon deposit of their travel funds and gives them direct on-line access to an approved network of worldwide operators that fly for JETdebit account holders at wholesale prices.

“The JETdebit program acknowledges the significant costs an operator incurs to support a charter flight and its goal is to support the operator community by connecting them with pre-paid clients who value flying direct at wholesale pricing while still demanding higher-level services that operators are not equipped to provide,” underlined Dalton.

Dalton used her experience as an executive with Metropolitan Aviation to develop

“The majority of operators have been looking for the right vehicle to support each other’s business in response to the challenges presented by technology over the past decade, noted Dalton. “JETdebit is a platform that brings operators together to the benefit of consumers while advancing their independent brands and growing their business.”

With over 900 Part 135 operators in the US alone, JETdebit expects to register 50 operator clients in the first year of business and build to 1,000 clients within three years.