Jetcraft anticipates growth in Asia pre owned market


Company sees a new business opportunity in Asia in the pre-owned business aircraft market

Jetcraft Corporation has commented
on the state of the business aviation market in Asia.

“Few would dispute that Asia is one of the hottest markets for sales of new long
range/large business aircraft,” says Chad Anderson, president, Jetcraft

“Looking at our sales
figures for 2011, Jetcraft sold about a 20% new and 80% pre-owned mix of
aircraft worldwide – with most new aircraft sales going to clients in China, Singapore,
Malaysia and Indonesia. We
expect sales of new business jets in the region to remain an important part of
our business going forward. However, we are also looking ahead to best position
Jetcraft to participate in the pre-owned market that will inevitably emerge –
particularly in China.
Additionally, an increased presence in Asia is a logical extension of our
growth strategy, which has taken us to Europe, Russia
and the Middle East in the past four years.
Following the opening of our Zurich, Switzerland office last year, we now look
forward to making a major announcement about our presence in Asia,”
adds Mr. Anderson.

“We believe that there is a
very compelling trend taking shape in Asia
beyond the short-term opportunities,” continues Jahid Fazal-Karim, co-owner and
board member, Jetcraft Corporation.

“As the number of new
business aircraft based in Asia begins to
grow, we can anticipate a replacement/upgrade cycle within the next three to
five years. The inevitable consequence of this cycle will be an inventory of
locally-operated pre-owned business aircraft. Most of these aircraft will be
long range/large models, including: Bombardier Globals and Challengers,
Gulfstreams, Dassault Falcons, etc. Furthermore, we believe that as this
inventory reaches the market, it will present attractive opportunities for our
clients – not only to purchase pre-owned aircraft within or from Asia but also to sell upgrades. Traditionally, the Asian
market has favored new aircraft. But, we believe that a growing inventory of
relatively-new, high-quality and locally-certified aircraft will attract
buyers. This emerging trend further validates Jetcraft’s strategic decision to
increase our presence in Asia, not just for
the short term, but for years to come,” concludes Mr. Fazal-Karim.

The company has an
exhibition stand and will showcase aircraft in the static display at the
Singapore Airshow. The show is being held from 14 – 19 February 2012.