JetClass expands flight offerings


JetClass, the technology company that offers seats on private jets through online flight booking websites, has added 10 new flights to its roster.

New routes include flights to Olbia and Palma de Mallorca and Nice.

Most flights operate on weekends, on either the Saturday or Sunday throughout Summer.

The summer season for JetClass runs from July 7 to September 30.

“Summer destinations bring excitement to every party involved, not only the passengers,” said Wagas Ali, CEO and co-founder of JetClass. “Seeing Nice-Olbia-Nice again on our schedule is a proud moment – this route was the starting point of our journey and the fact that it has come a full circle gives us an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and how much of work is still ahead of us.”

JetClass uses AI (artificial intelligence) to look at airfares across Europe. Once a business-class flight consistently reaches a certain price point, the company will look at operating a business jet on that route and selling seats on it.

As well as flight-booking websites, customers can also book directly on the JetClass website.

The company was launched a year ago by Wagas Ali, and Vladislav Zenov, who had previously founded Charterscanner.

“The first years of any project, especially of something as ambitious as JetClass, are very demanding, often with the successes appearing too insignificant in comparison to the effort put in. However, these first years also tend to be the most important in shaping the service and the team behind it. I could not have wished for a better road to lead us to our first birthday” Mr Ali said.

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