JetBrokers Europe reports July as best month on record


Record aircraft sales by JetBrokers Europe

JetBrokers Europe reports the best month on record in
July in terms of pre-owned aircraft sales activity.  In addition to sales
of smaller aircraft, the JetBrokers team completed transactions for two
mid-sized jets in July, a 2008 Cessna Citation Sovereign and a 2004 Cessna
Citation X. Both aircraft were sold to private owners based overseas.

“The Citation X sale demonstrated the strength of our
transatlantic offering. Whilst the aircraft was US based, the owner was
European and with teams on both sides of the Atlantic
we were able complete the transaction in less than three months,” said
JetBrokers Europe managing director Tim Barber. The average Citation X has
been on the market for over one year, so this transaction was concluded very
quickly.  JetBrokers Europe also succeeded in selling the Sovereign to an
Asian buyer in half the average time that the current stock of 680’s has been
on the market.

“We have experienced a continued increase in activity
since the spring which has resulted in a great July. This rejuvenated
buoyancy is certainly a reason for optimism and clearly yet another step in the
right direction,” commented Tim Barber.  “As the global pre-owned business
jet inventory continues to fall, the market is beginning to stabilize. This has
been stimulating buyers and vendors to seek out the best deals and actually
complete transactions. Whilst this reinforces current reports that pre-owned
retail transactions are picking up recent financial market uncertainty may have
a negative effect, although it is still too early to tell by how much.”

JetBrokers Europe has an increasingly diverse range
of business aircraft on its books.  New listings in the portfolio include
an Embraer Legacy, Hawker 800XP,  Gulfstream III and Premier 1A. 
Brendan Lodge, business development director commented, “The addition of the
2004 Embraer Legacy  to our listings demonstrates the quality of aircraft
that we are now handling. The highly specified, 13-passenger, tan leather
interior provides more cabin space and the largest baggage compartment of any
business jet in its class (all accessible in-flight). We are confident of
adding more mid-size aircraft to our listings enabling us to offer buyers a
greater selection of high quality, pre-owned super-midsize jets.”

 JetBrokers Europe and
JetBrokers Inc share their inventory, which currently stands at nearly 40
aircraft, affording seamless marketing and sales potential on both sides of the

Recent results from JETNET,
the aviation data business, confirm that that the first six months of 2011
showed ‘early stage recovery signs’ with double digit growth of 15.3% reported
in pre-owned business jet retail transactions. According to JETNET, the second
half of 2011 should continue on the path of correction with sustained growth
anticipated for 2012 and beyond.