Jet Systems rebrands and chooses Avfuel


Former Avitat Westchester facility in rebranding has chosen Avfuel for fuel and other services

Jet Systems at Westchester County
Airport, formerly Avitat
Westchester, has selected Avfuel Corporation as supplier of fuel and service

“A rebranding effort can be
challenging,” said president and chief executive of Jet Systems Michael
Dolphin. “Yet we’re coming along well. Avfuel has a strong brand and
wonderful people and will be an asset as we move forward.”

“We literally started from
nowhere,” Dolphin said “We were a distant number two in a three-horse
FBO race.” Dolphin and his team persevered, building on consistent service
and high standards, eventually pulling even with the then-number one FBO.
Within the last six years, Dolphin estimates that Jet Systems has claimed 90%
of the FBO market share at the airport. “The best thing about this
industry is that you know when you’re doing it right,” said Dolphin.
“The numbers indicate that we’re doing it right.”

“What your customers tell you says it
all.” Employee satisfaction is also a critical component according to
Dolphin “When your staff is happy, it travels from the line-service guys
to the CSRs to the customers,” he continued “When the employees are
happy, the guests are happy.”

Together with first-class service, guests
are treated to a first-class facility: a multi-million dollar renovation
completed in late 2006 resulted in a state-of-the-art hangar and lobby complex.
The modern design elements, including plenty of glass and steel, allow for
tremendous amounts of natural light and visibility to the ramp.
Floor-to-ceiling tropical aquariums, piano music, and Starbucks coffee enhance
the customer experience. “There’s truly nothing else like us on the field,”
Dolphin said.

While the FBO’s appearance earns rave
reviews, Dolphin – an aviation veteran and former corporate pilot – knew that
the ramp and aircraft services needed to be second-to-none to attract pilots
and flight departments. Indeed, when Boeing announced they would be building
the Boeing Business Jet and BBJ, Jet Systems invested millions of dollars to
ensure accommodation of those aircraft. The result? “We’re one of the only
area FBOs that can cater to these planes,” said Dolphin. “It’s been a
very nice piece of business for us.” Jet Systems makes continual
investments in the service facility and equipment, and takes pride in turning
around aircraft of all sizes in record time.

“Jet Systems is a sophisticated,
high-level operation that personalises service to each guests’ particular
needs,” said Avfuel director of marketing Marci Ammerman. “Avfuel is
extremely excited to be a partner in its rebranding initiative and a key part
of its business strategy going forward.”

“We did a considerable amount of research
when it came to selecting a fuel supplier,” Dolphin said. “We
conducted investigations, looked at research, and talked to our peers in the
industry. We kept coming back to Avfuel. Our contacts and friends in the
industry gave rave reviews. We were impressed by the Avfuel presence at EBACE.
I’m excited to see how we can work together to attract new business and
increase existing business.”