Jet Aviation offices offer specialised global support


Van Nuys with EMEA and Asia aircraft management and charter teams offer support to US N-registered aircraft based in EMEA and Asia region

Aviation Van Nuys, together with Jet Aviation’s EMEA & Asia aircraft
management and charter team, offers specialised global support for U.S.
N-registered aircraft based in the EMEA and Asia

Jet Aviation’s new Van Nuys
aircraft management and charter operation is working with its Jet Aviation
counterparts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to provide aircraft management
services to aircraft operated under U.S. N-registrations (Parts 91 and 135)
based in these regions. “

Jet Aviation currently
manages a fleet of more than 200 corporate and private jets worldwide,” said
Gary Dempsey, president, US Aircraft Services. “Our global network provides the
expertise, experience and excellence required to optimally manage US
N-registered aircraft based in EMEA & Asia.”

The Van Nuys operation offers
specialised management and charter services in support of US aircraft based in Asia
and the EMEA region. In partnership with other Jet Aviation locations, Jet
Aviation Van Nuys provides 24/7 in-house international and domestic flight
planning and scheduling, flight crew staffing, line operations and maintenance
services as well as insurance, accounting and administrative services
throughout the various time zones. Savings that the company generates through
global volume purchases on fuel, insurance, training and other operating
expenses are passed on to clients to provide comprehensive services at
exceptional value.

Aircraft owners under US N-registration
based in the EMEA and Asia region can also
have their aircraft operated under Jet Aviation’s US AOC Certificate, earning
them income on their assets while reducing fixed expenses. Charter hours for
these aircraft would be generated through Jet Aviation’s charter sales offices
in Hong Kong, Zurich,
Van Nuys and Teterboro.

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