Jet Aviation Geneva adds external aircraft cleaning services


Company expands cleaning services to include aircraft exteriors

Jet Aviation Cleaning VanJet Aviation Geneva recently
expanded its interior cleaning services to include high-quality professional
clean, wash and bright services for the exteriors of commercial, corporate and
private aircraft.

The new services include dry
exterior cleaning, a wet wash service and brightening work. Bright work is a
three-step procedure including oxidation removal, Permagard polishing and swirl
mark removal.

Jet Aviation Geneva personnel
were trained to properly apply the Permagard polishing treatment, which
provides better protection than the traditional Teflon coating and reduces the
number of washes required per year. In addition to hand-polishing and buffing
the aircraft panels with the environmentally friendly Permagard chemical, the
dry wash service involves degreasing the nose, landing gear, leading edges and
underside of the aircraft, while the wet wash consists of a complete wash and
hand-dry of the exterior with water and scrubbing pads, including an interior
wipe down.

“The continued provision of comprehensive, fast and flawless
aircraft cleaning services demonstrates our commitment to our customers and to
meeting our customers’ varying needs,” says David Ricklin, managing director of
Jet Aviation Geneva.

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