Jet It takes delivery of first Canadian jet


As travel reopens, Canadian based travelers can now take advantage of the new day-based fractional ownership model for their domestic and international trips. With this expansion, Jet It and its sister company JetClub become the first private aviation company in the world to have three geographic operating territories: Europe, the United States and now, Canada. (PRNewsfoto/Jet It)

Fractional charter company Jet It has taken delivery of its first Canada-based aircraft.

Jet It and its sister company JetClub will now operate in Europethe US and Canada.

As international borders reopen, Jet It Canada share owners – who purchase anywhere from one-tenth to one-half of an aircraft – will have full access to private travel in a twin-engine HondaJet.

Owners only pay for the occupied flight time at a rate of $2,200 CAD (US$ 1,760) per hour with no additional reposition, fuel surcharge, or landing fees.

According to Jet It co-founder Vishal Hiremath: “Jet It and JetClub have focused on these three territories to provide even more value to our aircraft share owners. No other private aviation company can provide a consistent experience across North America, Europe and Asia to owners who are traveling abroad.”

Jet It Canada’s Jeremi Austin said: “We Canadians love to travel and with the travel restrictions lifting the freedom of having a spacious six passenger private jet to go whenever and wherever we choose at the Jet It value, is the smartest way to travel.”

JetClub, which launched in 2020, starts with one eighth HondaJet shares and also goes to one half. Co-owners pay a fixed hourly fee of €2,500 ($3,000), including all landing and handling fees, with no repositioning costs when they fly, with the fixed costs shared between the other owners.