Jet Edge to upgrade entire fleet to Gogo’s AVANCE L5 connectivity


Jet Edge announced a new partnership with Gogo Business Aviation, which will upgrade Jet Edge’s AdvantEdge and managed super-mid and large cabin fleet to AVANCE L5, Gogo’s most popular connectivity system.

Bill Papariella, CEO of Jet Edge said: “The AVANCE L5 system is truly a game changer for connectivity in the air.”

The operator said this is the first-ever fleet to be entirely equipped with Gogo AVANCE L5. The conversion is slated for final completion by end of the third quarter, 2021. Over 20 aircraft have already been equipped with the service.

Sergio Aguirre, president of Gogo Business Aviation. “By upgrading to the AVANCE L5, it shows the commitment Jet Edge is making to its clients to provide the best inflight connectivity and entertainment experience in business aviation, with a path to Gogo 5G in the future.”

The AVANCE L5 system enables the use of streaming services, video conferencing, and on-demand movie viewing.

Gogo  told Corporate Jet Investor the price of its air-to-ground (ATG) 3G and 4G network in North America ranges from $67,995 to $133,000 on its AVANCE L3 (3G) and AVANCE L5 (4G) systems, respectively.

The AVANCE L5 monthly service levels range in cost from $1,895 to $4,675 delivering increased levels of data (from 1GB/month to 15GB/month, and higher plans include video streaming).