Jet Edge gains IADA membership


Jet Edge Partners is now an International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) accredited aircraft dealer. The move means Jet Edge has joined the top 7% of the world’s aircraft dealers as an IADA member.

“Jet Edge Partners is honoured to be accepted into IADA as an accredited dealer,” said president Kevin White. “As a leader in private aviation, we strive to demonstrate the best in service for our clients as they buy and sell aircraft. We will continue to meet and exceed IADA’s rigorous standards for ethics and efficiency as we deliver an industry-leading aircraft sales and acquisitions experience for our clients.”

Parent company, Jet Edge International has also joined IADA as a verified Products and Services member. Jet Edge Partners ’brokers will also be evaluated for certification through the IADA’s approval processes.

IADA executive director, Wayne Starling said: “On behalf of IADA members, we are pleased to welcome Jet Edge Partners as an accredited aircraft dealer and look forward to their continuing contributions to the organisation and our industry. And we also welcome its parent company, Jet Edge International, as a verified Products and Services member.”

Jet Edge Partners ’aircraft sales listings can be accessed via IADA’s signature website, AircraftExchange.

To be accepted into IADA, Jet Edge has met the “rigorous standards” required and created a transparent process in the aircraft transaction industry. As a member, Jet Edge can now enter in educational programmes to remain up-to-date in best practices and new developments within the industry.

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