Jet Edge adding 27 aircraft, after record-breaking 2021


After a record-setting first half of 2021, Jet Edge is adding 27 aircraft to its AdvantEdge fleet. The 16 Bombardier Challenger 300/350s and 11 Gulfstream G450s aircraft will all be flying by the end of the year. That will bring the total available aircraft for charter in the fleet to 74 (38 Challengers and 36 Gulfstreams). The new deliveries started in July and will be completed by December 15th.

“Mid 2020, our senior teams saw availability as a gating item post vaccine roll out and knew we had to get ahead of the curve via our new AdvantEdge programme, which sold out within 90 days of announcing the new product,” said Jet Edge International CEO Bill Papariella. “As many private jet travellers face waitlists, halted fractional sales, and phased out aircraft product offerings, Jet Edge is providing access to these state-of-the-art Challenger and Gulfstream models before year end.”

Richard Aboulafia, vice president, Analysis, Teal Group tells Corporate Jet Investor he hasn’t seen a time like this in terms of plans for expansion for quite some time. “I’ve never seen a market surge quite like this, particularly since things were looking rather grim 12 months ago.  And I’ve never seen shared utilization expansion plans quite like these, except of course for the fast growth we saw in fractionals 20 years ago.”

Aboulafia adds: “The question we’re all asking is, ‘How sticky is this?’  That is, will all these new and more frequent users stick with private aviation after the pandemic ends?”

Jet Edge’s new aircraft are on average less than 10 years old and will include new paint, interiors, and upgraded cabin technology systems. The cabins will include Gogo 4G streaming Wi-Fi, Bluetooth controlled sound systems, updated USB charging ports and in-flight entertainment options.

At a time when the industry is experiencing historically high demand and record low inventory, Jet Edge is thrilled to provide customers with these highly sought after, industry-leading aircraft types.

Meanwhile, following its recent KKR transaction, Jet Edge said it wants to take advantage of “unprecedented marketplace conditions” with its new simplified ownership model and reserve charter product.

Papariella adds: “The AdvantEdge and Charter Reserve programme response has been a game changer for our company and our clients. We have not only strengthened our position in the market, but solidified relationships with our OEM partners along the way to ensure best in class operations. This isn’t just about high demand and adding planes to the fleet. These fleet additions truly drive value across our platform for all stakeholders in a meaningful way.”

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